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cat napping
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Cat Napping

Seems to me someone was not finished with his siesta! “Hey!” Turn out those lights! The usually playful Benny was not ready to give up his secret cat napping spot. Lucky for me his picture landed on my “Snap” spot.

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Friday Flower Festival: Week Two, Historic Savannah, Georgia.

Walking downtown Historic Savannah, I’m amazed by the beauty that is always around.  On Abercorn Street across from Colonial Park Cemetery residents line the pedestrian walk-ways with a stunning array of blossoms. I came across some White Spider Lilies that adorned this … Continue reading

Enter into Rest
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At Rest – Bonaventure Cemetery

Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah, Georgia As explained by our experienced tour guide from the Bonaventure Historical Society, during the Victorian time period death was viewed as “one falling to sleep”.      

Circular Congregational Church
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Weekly Photo Challenge – Curves: Circular Congregational Church

This past winter I took the Amtrak train from Savannah, Georgia to beautiful historic Charleston, South Carolina.  In a city so full of rich culture and history, it would not seem at all strange to stumble upon this maginficant structure.  … Continue reading

Bonaventure Cemetery
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Bonaventure Adventure

Sunday 9 June 2013, A wonderful tour given be the Bonaventure Historical Society Inc. at Bonaventure Cemetery, A National Registry Historic Place.  Located in gorgeous Savannah, Georgia.  

A Photographer's Eye
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Ok, Let’s Get Snappin’!

  Ok folks, this is the beginning of something wonderful.  I just started my blog, which means you are an important part to this journey.  IPads and iPhones in hand ready to capture those “fleeting” moments, those “wow” moments, those … Continue reading