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New Hope Springs

So… You thought I was dead and you cut me down. You left my weathered stump in the ground right where I once stood so strong, so proud. Where I sheltered animals and birds who nested in my mighty branches. … Continue reading

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Point of View

Sometimes we need to get down close to see the beauty. It is refreshing to know not everything in the world is not bad, yet some people want us to believe so.                           

Problems bear the seeds of their solutions.
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Seeds Bloom into Solutions

Daily Inspirations It’s not the answer that enlightens, but the question.  Eugene Ionesco  Problems bear the seeds of their solutions. Beset by worry or anxiety, unable to clearly see my way, I remind myself my soul is connected to all … Continue reading

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Unwanted Tenant

I don’t have a green thumb or any other green digit for that case but I am especially fond of the potted plant we have growing in front of our apartment building’s entrance. This morning as I gazed upon the … Continue reading

thought driven
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Thought Driven

Feel Good! Emotions are key. Your thoughts = your feeling. Give yourself a reason and a reminder of all things associated with the feeling.