Robert and IPad
With IPad in hand
Hey, photog enthusiats. Like you I get my inspiration and intense enjoyment when there is a camera or iDevce in my hand. Sometimes I can be totally absorbed in my pursuit of that “perfect” shot.

I am:

  • a disabled veteran (23 years Army: 4 Iraq tours, 1 Kosovo, 1 Somalia peace keeping tour)
  • a brother, a husband, a father, a grandfather
  • an encourager, a helper, a support for many
  • photographer for another blog ( NealEnjoy – a WordPress blog )

I have:

  • seen a lot of the world
  • learned joy is the true measure of success

I will do my best to:

  • tell my story though pictures, and if you look closely, you will see your story too
  • show that life is good
  • have fun with the lens

I love:

  • capturing “that” moment
  • my children and grandchildern
  • photography
  • Sci-Fi
  • collecting comics
  • playing music on iTunes/iPhone/iPad
  • my cats Benny and Boopers (you will see a plethora of their photos)
  • antiques
  • traveling

I think you:

  • will agree that there is art in more places than what’s just in a museum
  • will love this blog
  • will, hopefully,  share the blog with someone close to you
  • will pick up a camera (or iDevice) and take some photos!



4 thoughts on “My Lens, your focus.”

  1. Thanks for stopping by my short verse site. I stopped by your red tail hawk photo; there was no place to leave a comment there.
    I have red tail hawk in my area. I have a bird feeder. My husband calls it a squirrel feeder, but ultimately – it is a hawk feeder…

    I am not adept at sharing my photos. I have some sort of digital/ second hand garage sale find. It has some close up capability. It suits me. Be well, cheers, Jules

    1. There was another blogger who also had some issues with comments soon after another systems update. You might have to go into your settings and check how/if you want comments for every post and for how long. I know some folks only have comments open for 3-6 months other have them open well forever. 🙂

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