Robert and IPad
With IPad in hand

Hey, photog enthusiats. Like you I get my inspiration and intense enjoyment when there is a camera in my hand. Well, in this case an “idevice”!  Sometimes I can be totally absorbed in my pursuit of that “perfect” shot. I am:

  • a veteran (23 years Army: 4 Iraq tours, 1 Kosovo, 1 Somalia peace keeping tour)
  • a brother, a father, a grandfather
  • an encourager, a helper, a support for many
  • photographer for another blog ( NealEnjoy – a WordPress blog )

I have:

  • seen a lot of the world
  • learned joy is the true measure of success

I will do my best to:

  • tell my story though pictures, and if you look closely, you will see your story too
  • show that life is good
  • have fun with the lens

I love:

  • capturing “that” moment
  • photography
  • collecting comics
  • playing music on iTunes/iPhone/iPad
  • my cats Benny and Boopers (you will see a plethora of their photos)
  • antiques
  • traveling

I think you:

  • will agree that there is art in more places than what’s just in a museum
  • will love this blog
  • will, hopefully,  share the blog with someone close to you
  • will pick up a camera (or iDevice) and take some photos!

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