A portrait captures a moment that’s gone forever; they are impossible to reproduce. Street Photography: Sunflower Saturday. My goal in this series is to create a really awesome frame of people existing right then because they honored me time to share their world.

It can be a challenge to engage strangers as I walk along even in a friendly town like Savannah, the hostess city.  This particular Saturday as we made our way to the Forsyth Farmers Market which is a common practice, my attention was drawn to a young woman radiating a positive smile walking the same direction. She seemed to be soaking in all the goodness this perfect morning had to offer and re-releasing it for anyone sensitive enough to the “good-good-good vibrations” that were her aura.  Camera in hand asked if I could have the honor of sharing the splendid moment and blog it.  “Yes, you can.”, her reply and I knew we were in tune, in sync for a fraction of time.  Camera-hand-eye-face-light-flower-freedom-flow!

Radiant Joy

As I reached the farmers market it had occurred to me upon seeing a bucket of beautiful long stem sunflowers at a vendor, that my mindful model had already been to the market although we were both walking in the same direction.

I came to believe that morning, that the joy she found in a striking yellow flower was enough to share with everyone one who wander and strolled Forsyth Park. May we all encounter acts of beauty and freedom everyday as we walk along smiling like sunflowers!

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