Daily Post: Weekly Photo Challenge Lines

Festival of Lights, Baltimore Inner Harbor, Maryland.

Like ducks in a row. Well, maybe not. More like little paper boats I was taught to make when I younger. Much younger I must add!

White little boats in line. Some drift with the current.

The little boats brighten up the night with multi-changing colored lights!


WPC: Lines – Mossy Bricks

WPC: Lines – Playing my Heartstrings


  1. I love this. I didn’t know about the Festival of Lights, did you say? I’ll have to check local events so I don’t miss it next time. I love how they all float in a row, so cool.

  2. Fabulous, Robert! Brought a big smile to my face. :) :) Have a great weekend!

  3. Interesting art installation..whimsical..the joys of childhood recalled. Thanks for sharing.

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