I didn’t do the parade today, but I did enjoy walking down River Street and Broughton Street, here in Savannah, Georgia.   Flags were blowing in the wind, hanging from everywhere, and in the hands of veteran well-wishers.

Families walking together, little children asking, “Why are we having a parade today?”

Their parents reply by shaking the hands of the veterans that stood nearby under flags backlit by sunlight.

Thank you for your service!

“It was my honor, Ma’am, Sir!

Saluting, as the children salute back.




  1. Robert, you smile has forced me to find you here, hidden in these blogs. Although I lived at Fort Gordon for a little less than 18 months I was surprised you too are now spending time in that state. I am going to poke around & see what else you are that has attracted me here. Thanks for your feedback. Thanks for your warm smile.

  2. I love the Marine seeking his brothers. Such a strong bond across all stereotypes, kinship, friendships. They were there to serve and came back family.

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