Photography 101: Connect   Day 6

Sometimes our connection is to help us slow down.  The Savannah River is traveled up and down by massive container ships.  They are so big, a little too big for their own good.  It takes one or two tiny tugs to help keep them in line.  Tiny tug boats only in scale to the size of the ships but not small in strength and power.   They travel along side, slightly behind or towed, connected behind by cable.  The Savannah tugs can gently push/guide the container ships to dock in the port or allowed them to exert huge amounts of torque in order to steer through the narrow river while holding back the ship from running ground.   

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  1. Don’t like ships looking like women’s ugliest shoes. But still they are shipping them in from far away, the cheap shoes ‘n stuff. Great import country. In Greece, where ‘s no money, too, there are no longer container ships coming….I guess the reason.

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