A portrait captures a moment that’s gone forever, they are impossible to reproduce. Street Photography: Young Love. My goal in this series is to create a really awesome frame of people existing because they allowed me time to share their world.

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. I love it when chance encounters lead to impromptu portrait shoots. This was the case during a trip to Hilton Head Island for a day in the sun on the thier beautiful beaches.  I knew my eye would catch my photo-worthy subjects and so I packed my camera accordingly.

As to day progressed along beautifully we happened apon Shelter Cove Harbour, a splendid marinea tucked away as to preserve its quaintness. Restaurants and shops lined one side and the Disney Resort on Hilton Head matched the other side to frame in a spectacular view of sparkling water, yachts of every size, ducks and cranes splashing as their reflections rippled on the surface and tour guides lead a small group of adventurers through the cove standing, yet paddling along on surf boards.  Joining both sides of the Harbour was bridge for both walkers and vehicles to traverse water inlet below.  As Neal and I approached the bridge I had already began to see in my mind the shots I wanted to take there framed by the flower pot arrangements and the symmetry of the bridge’s pedestrian walkway.  That was when I noticed a young couple struggling with the proverbial “selfie” shot trying to capture themselves with the harbour as a background.

I decided to wait as we could get the bridge to ourselves but the couple seemed to have a bit of trouble and asked other people crossing the bridge to take their picture.  After several folks moved past the two young lovebirds, I decided to simply move past them then take my pictures.  The young man saw my camera in my hand and his beautiful partner motioned him to ask, “Are you a photographer?” then, “Would you mind taking our picture?”. I gladly introduced myself, all the while reaching into my wallet to retrieve a blog card.

I agreed to line up the photo shoot with their phone, an iPhone 6, if they would allow me the opportunity to take portrait shots with my camera. There was such a delight about this couple (Katie and Chris), an aura of young love surrounded my willing subjects as I placed them on the bridge to fully capture to moment at hand.  Their natural at-ease-ness only served to enhance the perfect lighting and gorgeous harbour setting they choose to privately share the love/moment. I invited them to visit the blog and email me for personal copies of the portraits. As I turned my attention to my other photo interest, Neal, I could see just past him Katie lovingly leaping up onto Chris’ back as he “piggyback style” carried her the rest of the length of the bridge. What a joy, Young Love! 

Young love  




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