Refraction. Captured in its best light, The Wormsloe Fountain is a stunning centerpiece of Columbia Square, in Historic Savannah, Georgia.

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The Fountain
By: James Russell Lowell

Into the sunshine,
Full of the light,
Leaping and flashing
From morn till night!

Into the moonlight,
Whiter than snow,
Waving so flower-like
When the winds blow!

Into the starlight,
Rushing in spray,
Happy at midnight,
Happy by day!

Ever in motion,
Blithesome and cheery,
Still climbing heavenward,
Never aweary;–

Glad of all weathers,
Still seeming best,
Upward or downward,
Motion thy rest;–

Full of a nature
Nothing can tame,
Changed every moment,
Ever the same;–

Ceaseless aspiring,
Ceaseless content,
Darkness or sunshine
Thy element;–

Glorious fountain!
Let my heart be
Fresh, changeful, constant,
Upward, like thee!

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