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Tails of the Kitty: A Holiday Farewell, Boopers R.I.P

I held my sweet kitty in my arms one last time. He looked unbelievably alive, so soft and furry but with no movement. So peaceful with paws up in the blanket.

Everyday seems so different in the apartment now! Benny wanders room to room and has decided to stay near me almost constantly. He can’t ask where Boopers is but he is always meowing to me, sleeping on my lap. Again Neal heard Benny moaning at Monday and Tuesday nights.

Boopers I love you! You are one with the Universe now.Continue Reading

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People Portraits

The Faces Project: 19

 If everyday we see could really see just one person…. Memorial Day at an annual garden party I was introduced to this lovely lady visiting from New York. I told her that I loved here hat and would be taking her picture. Delighted she smiled and continued conversation with theContinue Reading

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Garden Smiles

People Portraits: Garden Smiles 2019

Memorial Day 2019 finds me back at the delightful home of Pat Prokop. The occasion? Again he has opened up his garden for the public to enjoy.  Free smiles for everyone! A portrait captures a moment that’s gone forever, they are impossible to reproduce. Street Photography: Garden Smiles. My goalContinue Reading

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