I am honored to feature a special guest photographer here on my blog. Neal Saye. Now where have we heard that name before? Former blogger extraordinaire of the the blog NealEnjoy! It’s archived and I know you will “enjoy” what you read. His highly successful blog ran for years and I was his blog photographer before he got iPhone savvy and could do it quite well. Also he my dear and loving husband! Let’s hope we can keep him submitting posts.

Hello all, my name is Neal Saye.  I live in gorgeous and historic Savannah, Georgia.  My passion in life is learning about/exploring/playing with the subjects of JOY and HEALTH HAPPINESS. I’m a retired English professor. (Writing and Linguistics/Georgia Southern University and ESL/Savannah College of Art and Design)  What I’m doing now is trying to discover what makes us joyful, healthy productive, contributing members of humanity.

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