Have you touched a 471 year old tree before? Mighty LongLeaf Pine trees live to over 300 plus years. Unfortunately most had been cut down by 1920. They are one of the most endangered ecosystems in the US today. When ever you find yourself near a LongLeaf, get close, reach out, look up and say “Hi” to one of the oldest living things you may ever meet.

Congaree National Park Longleaf Pine

Sunday Stills: Under The Trees

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  1. The longleaf pines are so amazing, Robert! I love that first picture looking up all that waaayyy! Trees do grow for hundreds of years; I think the bristlecone in California is the oldest tree on the plant at almost 5000 years old. I love trees! Glad you could join us for Sunday Stills!

    1. Author

      Thank you, I love your challenges!

  2. wow what a dramatic shot! Love that long look up and the sharp contrasts with colour and lines .. well done :)

    And thanks for bringing this to life

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