Wildlife: Birds of the Air

7 – 14 – 2021

While traveling through The Great Smokey Mountains National Park towards Cherokee, North Carolina we stopped along the way for a photoshot with some… wild turkeys. This was our trip back in December 2020.

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The drive along State Route 71 was very scenic! Massive mountains filled the view for miles. Sometimes in bone chilling shade or almost blinding sun off another car’s windshield. Winding up and over and through, ears popping as altitude changed.

So much to see you just have to take you time and let cars pull over as wild turkeys present a Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom moment. Yes it was our car pulling over to the shoulder because I wasn’t quite sure of what I was seeing. These mighty birds commanded the area, after all they had no fear of man’s “Thanksgiving Day”! Ha!

Well, Why did the wild turkeys cross the road? To get airborne and fly up into the trees!

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Oh Yes! These majestic big birds have huge beautiful feathers and they silently lift up into the air. Flying up the hillside and resting on tree branches. No the branches didn’t break! I was amazed and can still hardly believe what I saw.

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  1. Hi Robert! I’m visiting from Becky’s gallery of tree squares. I enjoyed this post very much and love how you combined turkeys and trees. :)

    1. Author

      Thank you! It was a fun, exciting encounter!

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