My chocolate photos come from the preparation of the anniversary celebration with my partner of 4 years back in March of 2014.  I like to surprise him, and surprise him I did.  I live in Savannah, Georgia and right off Broughton Street in beautiful Historic Downtown.  All those storefronts provided near endless inspiration for my secret task.  One such establishment was Savannah Bee Company, known for their delicious variety of local honey products, such as their grilling honey, great on Georgia peaches, but i’ll save those pictures for another post. What is not commonly know is Savannah Bee Company has honey mead. Mead? Yes mead, like the time of knights, maids, noblemen.  Mead is an alcoholic beverage made from fermenting honey with water and various fruits, spices, grains and hops.  Good stuff.  This was my first stop, and the lovely mead maid Danielle Hicks (local singer/song writer, bee keeper and good friend) suggested a cherry mead with spicy notes.  Great choice, I must declare.  So what then should I pair with spicy-sweet drink? Chocolate was Danielle’s reply.

So off to the one place I knew I could not go wrong when it comes to chocolate…Chocolat By Adam Turoni.  Again on Broughton Street and again Savannah’s Best Kept Secret, its very own chocolatier known for Savannah Bee Honey Filled Chocolate Bars.  I opened the doors, and there was to most elegant chocolate store on earth.  Yeah, they put Godiva chocolate to shame.  To the right and left, beautiful cases displaying hand crafted pieces of chocolate heaven.  There were tables with chocolate masterpieces and those famous honey filled bars. I had one before, it was too good for words.  Really!  Many tourists filled the store, so I waited patiently to talk to the creator himself.  I was on a mission for the perfect gift, and I didn’t just want a knowledgable sale girl when Adam was right there.

Charming and well spoken, this craftier of delights took me around the various glass cases offering his suggestions on the perfect pairing.  In the end I took two of each.  Needless to say the revealing of my anniversary surprise was pleasurable to the senses; sight, smell, and taste.  The star of this show, Chocolate, oh, chocolate.

Chocolate Kisses

chocolate kisses, sweet,
melt in your mouth
rich and smooth
tempting sensations
devouring, savouring, each delicious morsel
of you lips,
sweeter than chocolate.

Heather Iverson

One Word Photo Challenge


  1. These are gorgeous. It looks like the most amazing chocolate shop. I’m sure the surprise was wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing :)

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