The beauty of lines and the shiny things can be found in a casual walk down Savannah’s Liberty Street.  I do love to walk, and I like to take every opportunity to capture anything that catches my eye.  Local eatery J.Christopher’s was the focal point of this morning’s saunter.   Sidewalk symmetry speaks to my senses as silvery reflections pull me in, then fade away in seamless perfection.  I’m drawn to stoop down and wonder if the waiter or waitress purposely planned this mathematical maze (amazement) that several pedestrians passed by without similar ponderance.

Perhaps I finally stumbled upon a perfect example of what gave my college algebra/pre-calculas teacher, Ms Ewbank fits of utter joy, an honest-to-goodness real-life visual representation of textbook math application – Symmetry! Ok, maybe I’m getting a little carried away, but why not?  It’s not everyday I find a photoshoot lined up and waiting for me.  Lines and curves, concave and convex; chairs, tables, sidewalk cracks, windows and light posts all dance a woven inter-connectedness that only came from a universal maker.

You look and see.  Me?  I’m off on another walking adventure.  Laters!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

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