WordPress weekly photo challenge: Intricate

As a member of the Telfair Museums in Savannah, GA, I was honored to attend an exhibit by Tibet’s Drepung Loseling Monastery from Atlanta, Georgia. During this visit the monks created one of their spiritual sand mandalas that was offered to bring peace and unity for both Savannah and the world.  The craft and skills of these monks were unbelievable as they produced by hand the mandala solely using tiny grains of colored sand and ritually blessed instruments. No two mandala is the same. Over the course of days the monks worked in shifts to create intricate patterns and figures on a once clean slate table. Chalk lines were painstakingly drawn with mathematical precision, a labor many apprentice monks aspired to reach.



  1. Hi Robert. Beautiful mandalas. The Telfair is a great museum. Did they break up the painting at the end? It’s amazing to see that. –Patti

    1. Author

      Yes they did Patti. After an awesome and stirring ritual of drums, horns and prayer chants. Then we marched to the Savannah River and the monks must by tradition pour the sand into a moving body of water to disperse the spiritual blessing created by the mandala.

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