“A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” That old saying struck me today as I sojourned along St. Julian Street, enjoying my morning walk that took me through Savannah’s beautiful Historic District. “Look there!”, Neal motioned. To my amazement, nestled in the green branches of a bush, was an oddly cute little baby bird. Unlike most young feathered fowl, this one did not make the slightest “peep”, nor attempt to flee as I moved my camera in for a close-up shot.  He tilted his head slightly and blinked those wide beautiful eyes as if to drink in his first and only photoshoot.

Worth two in the bush

There is humor in the telling of this tale because I totally got the saying all wrong. I was thinking, “A bird in the bush is worth two in the hand.” I thought this would make a great post, but then I paused … Maybe I’d better look that up to be sure. I wondered if dyslexia was at work in my misusing whole sentences?  Of course, with my luck I did have it wrong but decided to do this post anyway.  Okay, back to the story.

My mind strangely remembered the children’s story of the baby bird that prematurely left the nest and proceeded to ask every stranger he encountered, “Are you my mother?” I looked up into the nearby tree to try to catch a glimpse of a nest that may have been this bird’s former roost. None could be found, not even the distant peeps or chirps from siblings that had not taken the sudden plunge to terra firma.

My feet beckoned me, so did Neal. “Gotta get moving Robert!”

Bye bye birdie, and good luck on your newly started life’s journey!

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