I don’t have a green thumb or any other green digit for that case but I am especially fond of the potted plant we have growing in front of our apartment building’s entrance. This morning as I gazed upon the beautifully arranged floral shades of green, brown and frosted grey I noticed a funky yellow. Yellow? “Oh No” I thought the fungi better known as mushrooms had taken up residence in our beloved planter.

Nestled [beautifully] intertwined in its newly aquired “space”, this odd edgy shaped fellow seemed to tip his “cap” as to peek towards the distant canopy in order to catch a ray of sunshine while living the shadow of the towering camellia bush.  I didn’t remember posting a vacancy sign in the neighbor, yet this tenant moved right in. I’m sure I won’t like the types of guests,”fungi friends”, he’ll be inviting over .


See I knew it happen, more squatters.


Sorry buddy, eviction notice time!


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