The Daily Post: Allergic

Ok tell me… What are your symptoms?  Are you serious?  You know your no doctor!  

It’s allergy season.  Winter, Summer, Fall, Spring, Mold, Hay, Dust… allergies my friend.  I know them all.

Well… I get kinda tingly.  And Fever too.  Go on.

Chills and difficulty breathing.  Could be mold or dust.

Wait… there is watery eyes and loss of appetite but not in that order.  Loss of focus, heart racing and fever.   I recall you saying fever already.

Still add to those sleeplessness and trembling.   

I’m sure Google and WebMD would agree with me here.  I’m sure what it is and you ain’t allergic nor do you got the flu.

Ok, tell me.  Silly, I should have seen it earlier! Does it happen when he is close to you or enters a room?  When he is sitting on a couch across the room drinking his coffee and reading?  When he calls, texts or maybe doesn’t call?

And when….   When he holds my hand across the table!  Yeah then!

Robert!! You got it bad!  The worst of them all, the love bug!  Yep…it’s Love.


    1. Author

      I loved you first and always!

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