A portrait captures a moment that’s gone forever; they are impossible to reproduce. Street Photography: Orchid Eyes. My goal in this series is to create a really awesome frame of people existing right then because they honored me time to share their world.

Springtime is alive!  We marvel at all the beauty that nature has to offer. Azaleas blooming, Dogwoods blossoming, brown withered branches sprouting tiny bright green leaves. One of the best places to find these marvels is your local botanical gardens. Savannah, GA has it own and chances are, if you live in a big enough town or city, there is one near you.  Many colleges like Georgia Southern University in little Statesboro, GA had a good one.

I find myself in Atlanta often and during one of those visits Neal and I, seizing the perfect day as it was the first after a string of cold rainy days, ventured into the Atlanta Botanical Garden. The spring feature display was Orchid Daze!

What a glorious display! Orchids of every species. As I walked through the green house like building, I took pictures of many plants and hoped to find a portrait walking amongst the flowers.

I saw my next subject come into view under a canopy of orchids. Smiling and casually posing for a member of her group. “How do I get her to willingly stop for a moment in front of my lens?” I thought.

Her fashion and style were a perfect match with the floral extravaganza about us! After she walked past me 3 times and I could see how much she enjoyed the orchids. “Good vibes!”, I thought, and politely asked to frame her in a portrait.


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