As it is said, a picture is worth a thousand words! Daily Prompt: Elaborate

Malintha Perera Dec 2014

A Buttercup

A buttercup was beautifying

for the afternoon dance

her cheeks were flushed with water

the garden sprinkler had thrown on.

Her petals were fully stretched to a softness

that even the  butterflies slipped when they trod upon.

the sun beams bounced off on the mirrored smoothness

and a bumblebee looked on hovering above with second thoughts

envying her golden locks.

She bathed in the sunlight turning every cheek for the warm rays

batting her long anthers dipped with thick orange powder.

I watched her shake her hips to the folk wind tunes

tip toeing into my heart


her yellow liquid lined eyes delving mine

making me smile

when I have almost forgotten how.

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