Folks don’t be alarmed! We interrupt Fall for a special Springtime announcement! “Remember moments in time!”

Children at play. Running, wands in hand.

Creating imaginary worlds that take shape before our very eyes and transport them, and us, to a time when …

… mortgages and debts were not words on our vocabulary list.

… should I share my lunch or just the pudding?

… which pair of socks don’t match with anything I’m wearing?

… school really meant what time is recess.

… when is the next field trip?

Children, eyes full of wonder, follow the soap bubbles as the shimmer and dance on the breeze. They gently blow hopeful breaths at wobbling spheres, watching them shudder then morph into several new translucent portals. Using only their imagination, kids enter through the thin membrane and are elsewhere frolicking!

Nearby adults reach for these pocket invitations drifting towards them only to have the bubbles, our captured moments burst on their fingertips!

In response dozens of children wave wands in the air giving us hope again!

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