This year I was traveling to Atlanta, Canton, Georgia to be exact,  so I won’t get to see the Veterans Day Parade. These are my photos from then.

I usually enjoy walking down River Street and Broughton Street, in Savannah, Georgia.  Flags blowing in the wind, hanging from everywhere, and in the hands of veteran well-wishers.  The city really turns out for the celebration. Cameras in hand and folks hold signs, children on shoulders of fathers overlooking the crowded sidewalks to the marching solders.

Families walking together, little children asking, “Why are we having a parade today?”

Their parents signal a reply by shaking the hands of the veterans standing nearby under flags backlit by sunlight. This is why they whisper.

Thank you for your service!

“It was my honor, Ma’am, Sir!

Saluting, as the children salute back.

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