I love traveling and I love AirBnB! Not only do I get to meet interesting people, but I also get to know their pets.

On a trip to Atlanta a wonderful couple hosted us. Some AirBnB rentals leave a key for which was our case. As we let ourselves in and made our way to our room, I noticed a little furry paw, then a head peering from the distance, in the living room. Well it wasn’t long after that before the Kitty was in the room, on the bed and in front of me.

I could tell from this little guy that he did not mind strangers at all. In fact another cat soon appeared and pounced on the bed going straight to the pillow. Hmmm? We were the strangers and this was his bed.

Later that night I walked into the living room, and I was sure I saw a cat I hadn’t seen before. Wait a minute? 3 cats? I looked under the sofa and in pleasant disbelief, for under there were not one but two more kitties! Yup! It’s really true! This AirBnB couple had 4 cats and no cat fur anywhere. No cat litter box to be found. Now I was jealous! That litter box is another post, look for it soon.

After talking to Corey and Steven, the kind owners of the quartet on feline cuddleness, we learned the cats kinda adopt the weary cat-less travelers who stay with them. I must confess I could have played with these kitties all night and the 3 days we rented the room. Open a door and anytime, day or night, and in would dash four or eight furry paws.

I should have titled this post: “One cat, two; three cat, four! Anymore?”

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