America… Are we really that different from each other? Did we all not come from somewhere else?

When you woke up this morning did you also take a breath of air? (Fresh or not) Your good day could have been my bad day. My lunch could have been someone’s 3rd day with nothing to eat. The Britta filtered water dripping in a glass bottle could be a village or town with no potable drinking water.

Your freedom, my revolution! My two hands, your handicap! We are all connected in an endless cycle of living and dying, bleeding and healing. Loving and being loved! Our hopes, dreams and fears link the human consciousness across borders, race, politics, socio-economics and generations.

Let us consider one another and care for each member of the human race. See the sadness in others and share joy. Feel the hunger and give away a meal. Maybe even choose to love a stranger without first knowing all about them.

Walk a mile in their shoes today! Always breathing to love, loving to share, sharing to live as one with our neighbors.


  1. It’s a sad time we Live in where judgment and exclusion are the order of the day. We are more alike than different. There Needs to be more compassion and more respect for People of different faiths, cultures, religions and ethnicities. Poverty is not a personal flaw or failure. So many hard working people who arrive at their jobs before 6 am not going home until 11 PM. Others working two jobs or hours of overtime. While selfish self centered ones mock the working class. But truth be told that if all people of color and the working class disappeared for one week this country would come to a complete halt.

    1. Author

      Thank you for sharing your heart! We all could change the world if we truly cared about each other instead what we have told to care about… stuff …image … fame …position …power

      We should trust love, compassion, empathy, community, brotherhood/sisterhood, giving of ourselves with nothing in return! How great the human race would be!

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