One of my favorite things to do in Savannah is to walk through the historic squares. Another delight is when passing a particular live oak in Monterey Square.

Why this tree? It has become nature’s living billboard! There is a cave-like hollow knot in this tree and an anonymous person or persons (daily or weekly, unknown to me) place cryptic messages by way of objects in the hollow’s cavity. The objects seem random at times and written phrases are not always present.

Extra! Extra! Come one, come all! See the message found in a tree!

Sometimes the items change daily but I’m not sure because my walks through downtown can be quite random.

I love walking in the direction of Monterey Square and seeing people peering at the tree’s “news” content.

I hope we all get the message and are somehow encouraged, challenged or changed!

See you next post!


  1. Looks like a couple of visitors from New Mexico were visiting the tree.

  2. I spent a Christmas in historical Savannah and a year later my sister’s was married there. It is one of my favorite walk about places. Also, I love to read and see messages, items left in trees and on rocks by unknown travelers. There was a tree in southwestern Colorado that spontaneously is decorated during the Christmas season.

    1. Author

      Brenda, so glad you enjoyed Savannah! The very best way to see everything is to walk.

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