Words equal thoughts. Words on our TVs , our cell phones, our tablets, our refrigerators. Refrigerators?

Choosing to find that which makes you feel good can be a task! Wake up take a walk to the fridge and read.  Feel Good! Emotions are key. Your thoughts = your feeling. Give yourself a reason and a reminder of all things associated with the feeling.

 As kids our parents take our school art projects and stick them to fridge with a magnet. Why? Because it made them feel good to see it on display every time they passed through the kitchen. Whether we “thought” it was really not that good, worthy of a gallery opening, it still went up.


We can do the same for ourselves as adults. Do the same for our families, our loved ones. There is nothing wrong with showing a little self love! Throw up something that brightens your day! That tweaks your “bad” morning into a “grateful” morning. Choose a word, a better feeling thought or emotion. A picture from a vacation or party that makes your heart soften and carries you to the next better feeling thought.


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