Spring in Savannah, Georgia is such a beautiful place. Walking the squares in the historic district is one of  my joys.  I live just off Washington Square. I happened by an April wedding in Washington Square one afternoon and caught  a glimpse of this rare moment. A bride in waiting.  A vintage car is her carriage, her company is seated with anticipation as the minstrels play. She longs for that which Spring carries in her bosom…new life, a new life with the man she loves. Waiting for that moment, her moment.



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  1. I really truly love your Photography Blog but I think that sometimes WordPress eats your photos. Every so often gremlins invade and the pictures disappear. Strange.

    1. Author

      I’m working on getting those pictures back from those gremlins. Ha ha!

  2. There is a Washington Square Park in New York City. Years ago when I was younger my then boyfriend and I would hang out in that park for hours. Literally all Night long. Every kind of weirdo, wacko and Oddball was in there.

    1. Author

      I visited your iconic Washington Square back in 2016 and 2017. I loved how people seemed drawn to that spot and there were many different people all together!

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