Are you in New York City with nothing to do on a Saturday? How about dance lessons in Bryant Park?

I’m not sure that I’m quite ready to move from dancing in my living room to dancing in public, in an open park.

During my 2016 trip to Manhattan, I found myself enjoying a mid morning breakfast in Bryant Park next to the New York Public Library. Not many people around but a few are gathering off to my right. Intrigued I move in that direction. A solo drummer strikes a beat as participants began to sway rhythmically and unabashed. Synchronized in time with a woman only providing gestures as she pulsates and gyrates her body. Joy and tossed hair on their faces, arms in the air and hips thrusting, dancers shed individually and become part of an organic breathing community.

Park Life? Maybe, but seemed to were life could be expressed, shared, harvested.

Next the group disburses into a free for all wave of skipping, twirling and bouncing care free across to plush sun dripped grass.

So get your feet in the grass and dance! Free yourself!

Saturday is coming, what’s holding you back?

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