Morning walking through the historic district downtown I pass many an alley, and private gated passages leading into beautiful courtyards.

Strolling along I had to do a double take! What did I just see? An optical illusion? Back I went to “look again”.

Double vision! My heart was delighted to see two lovely striped kitties sunning on the warm tabby passage way.

Suddenly behind them there was a flash of movement, A blur! Quickly and with precise synchronicity, the kitties double turned their heads and attention from to…

What my eyes barely registered and the shutter of my Canon EOS rebel SL1 slightly caught, three more identical kittens sprinted out of sight.


  1. They look so much alike that they must have been from the same litter.

    1. Author

      I think it’s a litter of about 5 kittens/cats.

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