During our visit most recent state park visit, this time to Laura S. Walker State Park in July, we were immediately greeted by park’s welcoming party, Mr Walker. This friendly kitty was one of a pair of stray cats adopted by the park and are cared for as well as loved like family by the rangers who work there. The is a flier posted on the gift shop door and I personally talked to a ranger about Mr Walker.

Mr Walker was not one to take for granted his new found home as just a gift lavished upon him, because he began giving us the grand tour of the front porch of gift shop/park office. Also the walk way up to the porch. And even the car providing much needed shade for one as furry as he on a hot July morning. In return this four legged docent represent Laura Walker wanted was a gentle cat scratchon the head, a tail rub against your leg and close listening to the loving purr of a happy kitty!

After some shade time he was off to find his other half. Who might that be you ask? Well Ms Laura, the other celebrated adopted kitty on the state park property.

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