I grow,

I struggle,

I am not nurtured,

Nor cared for,

I learn the harsh lessons,

Of Life,



Satisfied in my growth,

Having learnt my lessons,

I gain maturity,

I am ready,

For change.

I build walls,

Around myself,

To protect,

This change,

For change I must.

I hang,

Waiting patiently,

Change must occur,

For what else is left?

I push now,

I am impatient,

I have waited,

Long enough,

It is time.

I’ll show this world,

That I can survive.

One side of me,

Is exposed to the world,

Then another,

Slowly at first,

For I do not wish to shock,

Only to dazzle.

Released am I,


Free to show myself,

In all my glory,

In all my splendor.

For I have changed,

I am now,

Who I’m meant to be,

I am finally me.

So, fear not change,

It comes naturally,

Be brave,

Learn well,

And when,

The time comes,

Be free.

Aisha Sherazi

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