Look Up, Climb Up

1 – 21 – 2021

While on our Disney Cruise to Nassau in 2018 Neal and I follow a tour guides advice to visit the island’s major landmark, The Queen’s Staircase. As you can see in the photo many folk head there and travel do the stairs to pose for selfies and group photos.

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Well once you are at the bottom and look back, that is when you say to yourself. That is a whole lot of stairs to climb! 65 steps to be exact! All carved out of solid limestone as an escape route back in 1793-1794 from the local fort on the island. 65 steps may not seem like a lot to some but we were on vacation! Ha!

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Ok, at the foot of the stairs it is a long way up. Half way up I stop to take a picture and it still was a long way up (102 feet total).

We were smiling in these pictures but later found out that 600 slaves carved out the stairs but slave labor is not really something we smile about.

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  1. What an amazing staircase and it is sad how they were made. So much history was made by slave labor, but should we destroy it or not let their hard work be in vane and appreciate what they created. :)

    1. Author

      I totally agree with you Lisa! So much in the world has been created by labor on the “necks or blood” of others! I am very glad we can now understand how wrong that was, “is” and still marvel at the creations of “man”. Wonders to behold!

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