Yes, I think I have risen to the Squares Challenge for January!

1 – 31 – 2021

And now… for the rest of the story! Here we are back at Jimmy Carter National Historic Site, Boyhood Farm, in Plains, Georgia. And we happened upon a pen of goats.

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Remember that one shy goat who I said would run then hide as we got closer? (Don’t tell me you didn’t read yesterday’s square post?) Well this goat’s favorite position was up a tree!

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This goat, “guy” must have been elected by the group to the farms, early warning system, (or he always draws the short “straw”, Ha!). Now “Guy”, get up in that-there tree! Right there! If you see someone come down that road, you jump down and “RUN”! “Don’t let them see you!”, “Don’t let them photograph you!” I think guy lost his job that day. Now he just sits around up on tables all day.

What a great month of “SquareUp“! Thanks Becky! See you all again soon!

Daily Squares: Theme – Up – Hosted by Becky at The Life Of B

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  1. You certainly have. Made my day when i saw you were joining us again for Squares. Thank you so much for such fabulous posts, just one question though ‘where is my cupcake’?!!!

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