You gotta have a big front yard!

During our drive across Central Georgia to Florence Marina State Park in Omaha, Georgia we saw many small towns and places with names that were once whispered by old timers in the South. There were stretches of highway that dipped and turned with only a few lumber trucks or an occasional car.

Well look over there I yelled as I slowed the car to a crawl. “I saw a bison! Really! “In the middle of nowhere Georgia, bison!” Quickly looking for on coming traffic on the two lane road, I turned the car around and pulled slightly in the winding dirt driveway next to the wonder.

. .

Do you see them? Two bison and a horse?

. .

Now do you see them! Don’t mind the house, the truck and basketball hop in the background. Where else would you expect to find bison but in someone’s front yard?

. .

Most folks I know want a river view, an ocean view, or a mountain view. These folks love their bison view complete with fence so these kids don’t wander into the road.

. .

Plains Bison is what I found when I looked them up. They seemed so peaceful and there was no way I was going to be “that guy” and hop a fence to get a close up.

. .

My Canon 75 – 300mm at max 300mm would do just fine!

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