Throwback Thursday

A portrait captures a moment that’s gone forever, they are impossible to reproduce. Street Photography: Family Photo. My goal in this series is to create a really awesome frame of people existing because they allowed me time to share their world.

Forsyth Park, Savannah, Georgia.

I love Savannah! Being able to walk to the local farmer’s market, in the the city’s landmark most treasured historic park … Who, wouldn’t?

Camera in hand, walking shoes on and grocer’s cart full of organic green goodness in tow, Neal and I make our way North back through the park when I spot a most unusual site. Maybe not that unsual for the hottest tourist site in the city.

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A family, not just one member taking the picture of a “family group”, but the family group – the members, each with cell phone camera in hand photographing a wee little lad “Noah” in front of the famous Confedrate Memorial statue.

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Amazed, I just had to have this in my portrait collection.  My photo shoot is a recreation of the original moment I saw … just add little Noah in the middle.

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