2 – 18 – 2022

Living in Savannah, Georgia means we are just a highway’s drive from Atlanta. Our love for Atlanta was formed from visiting the many neighborhoods there. Thanks to Airbnb we have stayed in many different and diverse places.

The city of Atlanta, Georgia is made up of 243 neighborhoods officially defined by the city. These neighborhoods are a mix of traditional neighborhoods, subdivisions, or groups of subdivisions.

Article, Neighborhoods in Atlanta, Wikipedia

One day Neal and I decided to visit Castleberry Hill. Such a cool mix of urban living and repurposed warehouses and structures. Surprisingly we came across the Castleberry Square Scuplture Garden.

Here we were greeted by many metal and cinderblock works of art.

See you soon all my Squarefriends!

Photographing Public Art Challenge (PPAC)

Daily Squares: Theme – OddSquare – Hosted by Becky at The Life

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  1. Cos who doesn’t love a metal centipede

  2. Robert, forgive me for not responding sooner. I always check the night before I publish the new PPAC for any pingbacks that I missed, and I did miss yours. This is a marvelous example for PPAC. Atlanta is such an interesting place to visit. I attended a Social Studies Conference there. We went to President Jimmy Carter’s library, took a carriage ride, went to a Holocaust museum. It was a fabulous experience. Thanks so much for sharing this and bringing back some wonderful memories.

    1. Author

      Thank you Marsha! Atlanta is our getaway spot! So much there. We have also been to President Carter’s library, beautiful place.

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