My doctors, VA therapist and nurse daughter warned me that during this time of recovery from Covid I would have increased access to thoughts and emotion previously (and maybe purposefully) just out of reach. Explore them, embrace them, sit awhile with them. Write a poem about my experience a friend suggested, “I would love to read it.”

Here is my second poem…

Breathe, Breathe! A Poem by Robert Smith, Robert’s Snap Spot

Sit at the edge of the bed, Ok, Breathe.
Sit at the end of my favorite wingback chair, Ok, Breathe.

Stand up, slowly. Steady feet. Ok, Breathe.
Slow walk to the dining room table. Slow walk to the bathroom. Breathe.

Remember there is an oxygen hose always trailing. Over your ears, in your nose.

Yes! Breathe! In the through the nose, then blow out the birthday candle. Breathe.

by Robert John Smith Jr, Robert's Snap Spot.

I’m home recovering and blogging as therapy.

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  1. May each day bring new strength, stamina, and stanzas as you recover.

    1. Author

      Thank you! I receive that!

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