11 – 22 – 2022

Celebrating “WalkingSquares” challenge.

Neal and I love our downtown historic apartment. The neighborhood is so walkable, our car is parked and just sits there most days.

Here is the deal though. We live on the second floor of of an old historic building that at one time belonged to former mayor of Savannah.

The second floor means we have great views out of 11 windows. Up above the streets we see rooftops and trees. Massive limbs of huge oak hold chirping birds and squirrels running past on power lines that keeps the cats dashing from one room to the next.

The second floor also means a lot of old shorter stairs.

So it seems Neal and I aren’t the only ones who love this apartment. Grand twins Matthew and Madison really love all those stairs.

What was not so good about the second floor and stairs was back in February and March of this year I have a bad case of Covid 19, Omicron. I really didn’t have the energy or the breath to climb 19 steps with a turn at the top. I had to stop several times and catch my breath.

Well thank God I have recovered from the worst of it but I never have gotten back to where I was before covid.

And now my love and enjoyment of walking has been challenged today by a old ache that roared its ugly head. I early October I suddenly was having terrible pain in my left knee. Getting up and down those stairs was pain! Several x-rays, multiple pain killers and anti-inflammatory meds later, the docs chalked it up 23 years in the military and at least once hyper-extending that knee and recommended I wear a soft knee brace. Two days ago the pains came back and I’m back on the meds.

Oh look Robert… stairs!!!!!!!

See you soon all my Squarefriends!

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