11 – 27 – 2022

Celebrating “WalkingSquares” challenge.

Early voting in Georgia’s runoff began last week. This morning Neal and I set out “early” to be near the front of the line.

Thankfully when we got to our polling place which was just a few blocks from our apartment many other Savannahian’s had the same idea. There was a line. What a great problem to have! More is at stake, more people should get out to vote!

The actual runoff date is December 6th so that mean there is still time to make a plan and early vote show up on the day with a friend or give someone a ride.

Walk in cast your vote, and come out to see the change in the world you just made!

Hey! Guess what? My vote is counted!

Done!! Your turn!

Yes, this makes my heart glad! Neal kinda feels the same way, look at his smile!

See you soon all my Squarefriends!

Daily Squares: Theme – WalkingSquares – Hosted by Becky at The Life

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  1. we so rarely get lines for voting here, always amazed by yours

    1. Author

      We are particularly “special” in the way we treat our voters here.

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