This past winter I took the Amtrak train from Savannah, Georgia to beautiful historic Charleston, South Carolina.  In a city so full of rich culture and history, it would not seem at all strange to stumble upon this maginficant structure.  Nestled in town on famous Meeting Street is Circular Congregational Church.  This church, although a major tourist attraction, still has a very active congregation and weekly services.  Even the name gives away the reason I chose this picture for its inspiring depiction of curves.

The church has survived over 300 years.  Through a hurricane and a fire, being rebuilt incorporating circles, Romansque in style. This style is reminiscent of the former church and universal symbol of eternity and wholeness.  The doors of the church are open to the public for tours, as are the services.  Take time to visit this gem.  Circular Congregational Church

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      Thank you Gregory for the comment. These photos were part of a trip I took to beautiful Charleston, SC. I hope to hear more from you. Robert

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