Faithful photoblog: subscribers and visitors. Over the last few days I have been applying some changes to my WordPress blog. I’m quite sure you have noticed. Same great photos, different look!

My hope was to clean up the look, tweak the layout and add a few new areas. From the start, you enter on the new landing page. Formerly, visiting would take you straight to all the posts. Now I welcome you to explore more of what can be found at the Snap Spot.

Featured Page:

This new spot will allow me to feature a specific blog page you may not have noticed during your visits here. Check it out, you may like what you see.

Featured Post:

I plan to highlight different posts from the past here. It may be random, or I might want to display a relevant topic that resinates that day. Chances are you’ll like it all the same.

Current Post:

The most current post blogged can be seen right from the start. On days when I do multiple posts, stopping here may mislead you. So read this fresh off the press post and then click the “My Blog Posts” button.

The Blog (My Blog Posts Page):

Press this button and you will be carried to all previous posts. You can also choose to use the menu link in the header. You’ll have to head to the archives for older posts listed by month and year.

Image Gallery:

A rotating carousel of photos is displayed before you eyes. Be sure to stay a while, you’ll probably see a photo from a blog post you missed.

New Pages:

I added four new pages for visitors and photogs to dive into. Photos to get us close to strangers we might not have noticed. Portraits of human nature and our interactions with one another. Guest Bloggers and Instagram pages too. Check out my portfolio pages also.

My hope is everyone will continue to enjoy the photos I post. That is the real focus here. If you are having any problem viewing content (posts, pages, comments, photos or any other part of this site) please let me know!

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  1. The newness is terrific! Looks great. You were working hard on it!

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