Photography 101: Bliss    Day 4

Oh what bliss!  “Good Morning!”  I exclaimed, waking up to a beautiful sunrise on the balcony of an early 1900’s cottage, The Sans Souci, at the famed Jekyll Island Club Hotel. The Jekyll Island Club was a private club located on Jekyll Island, on the Georgia coastline.  It was founded in 1886 when members of an incorporated hunting and recreational club (wealthy America’s millionaire’s club) wanted their own getaway island.

This precious moment in time came into being when I, like those millionaires of old,  needed “a getaway” from Savannah to the peace of nature’s backyard or coastline.  What could make a perfect morning scene better? A rocking chair! Yes, there was one on my balcony.  That chair and a steaming hot cup of my favorite java delight, Starbucks coffee. The aroma rises from my cup like the sun rose that morning.



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