I love to walk in the downtown historic district of Savannah.  Since moving downtown I have been doing a lot of walking.  One thing I really enjoy is how I can explore the same streets and lanes and still find something new, something striking, something that catches my attention.  The everyday can surprise you!

Camera in hand, I snap pictures of moss on old weathered brick walls, flower pots tucked in corners on elevated porches,  metal railings rusting in a beautiful turquoise green and then… a window with bars.

Did these bars say stay out, keep back?  A closer look reveals messages of affirmation.  Look closer still.  A conversation between friends Scott and Matthew?  Reflecting  on a time that was good.  Maybe the tone is being set for others to realize how we should cherish our relationships and cultivate new ones with those we may meet on Monday strolls down historic Savannah streets.  Look closer at the faces that pass you by.  They may at first say “keep out”, “I’m in a hurry”, but really are waiting for a chance to grace your life and you may bring a smile on their faces today.

So to you my followers…  I love You!  Thank you for stopping by!  It was so good chat with you again!

And thank you Scott and Matthew for some inspiration!

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