I thought that puppy love only happened in the Spring. Summer can also be prone to this phenomenon too, such was the case one beautiful morning as I was making my way to the local farmers market.  We decided to detour to our favorite eclectic hangout spot, Sentient Bean, to get some cash for the vendors. Yes, some folks still use paper money and actual coins instead of card swiping with “Square” on an iPad/iPhone.

Just outside the door, tethered to a bike rack was the cutest little puppy ever! I resisted his beautifully sad eyes drawing, no pulling me in like miniature black holes, saying, “Pet me please!” “I have to get cash for the farmers market,” I reasoned. Yet on the way out, currency in hand, attempting to pass the cutie, I could not resist.

I moved in closer asking the young pup, “Can I take your picture?” Foolish me, as if he could reply but it was in “the moment”. With out reserve he rushed right up to me, eager to get his cameo shot.  No not really, he just want love, to be petted, if only but for a moment. Setting right down on my brightly green colored bags designed only for carrying organic goodness, he put that adorable nose right up to the lens of my camera. I’m sorry but this old retired soldier melted at the desperate need for affection and I believe I did a lot more playing than actual picture taking. Something evident in my just walking away with 4 pictures.

As I attempted to withdraw from my connection with the pooch, he whinned in disapproval. After all I did have so much more love to give and his owner, no where in sight, did tie his leash to a bike pole as they enjoyed unknown yummy delights and Java goodness inside the air conditioned establishment I recently retreated from.

Alas, parting was sweet sorrow as I snapped one last photo and disappeared into the crowded park at the farmers market.

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