Broccoli and Beef In Garlic Sauce

What is Robert Cooking?

Asian Cooking my friends!

I love Asian takeout! Spicy Broccoli and beef is my favorite. I found an delicious recipe for the sauce, putting the rest together very easy.

First the steak cooked just right! Perfect! It looked and smelled so good I just had to taste a small piece… (don’t judge me) cook’s prerogative. I made my garlic sauce in our family cast iron pan.

Steam some broccoli, bright green and shock it in a bowl of ice. It will continue to cook in the sauce. Sauté green peppers, red and yellow onions if you prefer I do, to add a little flavor- flav.

Lookin good already!

Time to plate your masterpiece! Be sure to top with black and white sesame seeds. Add red pepper flakes for the “spicy”!

You better put down that fork and grab your fancy chop sticks from Korea because it is almost gone! Eat up!

Time to share!

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