I love the healthy community that is Savannah. A classic example of people coming together for a common good is the annual Food Day Festival held in Daffin Park, Savannah.  Folks from all over show up for a day of health conscious contemplation. Animals straight from local farms, solar cooking aperatuses, children laughing sitting on hay bales, live local music on a bandstand, essential oils and hydro planters set the perfect environment for sharing in a people-centric ecosystem.  Everywhere I turned I saw friends and smiles on the faces of strangers … I mean soon to be friends! Workshops and lectures happen under tents as participants crowd in close. My camera in hand, always, I engage the public and the stage is set.

A local jewelry maker, Ben Chaffee traveled the world collecting wonders and now share them through his company Culture-Cross. Ben was full of energy and respect. Culture-Cross is a unique collaboration between international designers, indigenous tribal communities and craftspeople, philanthropists, development and aid groups, and of course appreciators of quality cultural art and jewelry. I was truly fascinated by his display and our conversation. Ben allowed me to photograph and share on the blog.

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