Ok, so the ferry ride to Cumberland Island National Seashore was not uneventful!

Neal and I planned this trip far in advance. We thought the day’s projected high temperature would mean the morning air around St Mary’s would have been warmer when we arrived from our 2 hour drive, but it was not. Good thing we packed our thicker coats. As we stood on the top deck of the ferry, it was evident that other passengers had similarly expected a sunny day and enjoyable weather. But it was freezing cold up there! This would be a 45 minute ride for the record books! “Note to self”, I thought, “Arrive earlier to the ferry for a ride in the closed cabin as we return to the mainland.”

I decided cold or not, seize the moment! Get to “snappin” some photos! Not always sure of how people would take to being photographed, I pointed my camera at everyone and waited to apologize at any disagreeable looks. After a few moments I switched cameras and a lady with bright smile, beautiful blue scarf and sunglasses approached me.

“I so hate it when this happens!” she exclaimed softly but with agitation in her voice. I questioned what she meant but thought it had to do with the small camera she wore around her neck that she was raising to eye level. “After a few pictures, the storage is full.” A weariness in her voice. It seems that the night before she thought she had uploaded all that day’s photos to cloud but not being sure, she was not going to take the chance and delete the digital card. “I may lose that perfect shot and not know it!”, her defense. “But you look like you’re prepared.” She added pointing at my two cameras.

Her name was Sandy from Maine. A novice photographer by her own admittance. And just enjoyed the idea of photography. I asked what she did with the photos. “Just shared a few here or there.” Sandy replied. I told her about my photoblog and passion and interest with photography. Also, that I would love to feature her as a guest photographer as I have done in the past. Sandy smiled as I fished out my business card and handed it to here. “May I take your picture to remember the moment?” I bade. I took 3.

I suggested upon her return purchasing a spare digital media card a little larger than she had. I am hoping Sandy sees my post and takes up on the offer of guest posting on my blog.

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