Beer is not just beer!  They are as different as sour to sweet or as hoppy to bitter chocolate and coffee. IPA’s to Sours to Stouts.

Even peanut butter and jelly!  PB&J! Yes I know! Well welcome to the world of Craft Beer, my world.  No watery pints of no flavor cheep beers that only make me pee.  Again and again. Me? I love a dark full bodied beer. Thick and rich. You may need a spoon to enjoy it, but you won’t need more than two glasses to be done for the evening.  

Find a brewery, a pub or tap house and enjoy!  You may never know, I may be in the seat at the bar next to you. Cheers!


  1. When I was in the Army stationed in Germany I had the opportunity enjoy many beers including fun at Oktoberfest. Now I rarely drink and only wine.

    1. Author

      How cool! I had my first beer on a return trip from an Army deployment to Iraq. We had a layover in Ireland and our leaders wanted to reward the soldiers by buying each soldier two beers. I objected vehemently because at the time, I did not drink. That didn’t go over well with the superiors and I then had my my 1SG, a MSG and the CSM insisting I drink a Guinness because we were in Ireland. Amazingly I liked it and immediately requested my second.

    2. My parents used to drink Guinness Stout. Of course I was not allowed to have any but then again I was not tempted. Not sure if the American version would be the same as the Guinness sold in Ireland.

    3. Author

      I can assure you, the Guinness on tap in Ireland tastes very different than the bottle or can in America! The can version is a close second.

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