I love taking day driving trips from Savannah. On this particular trip to beautiful Beaufort, South Carolina I was greeted by a cat who must have been employed by the city bureau of tourism. While I was walking down a lane reading plaques about tree, a lone white cat appeared through the low cut hedges.

“Meow” he said as he came closer. His bright white fur and crystal blue eyes contrasted the green foliage that surrounded him. “Meow” I replied trying to match the pitch in my voice to his.

Looked like I made a new friend!

Clearly this area was under his watchful eyes. He paced back and forth before coming to rest in the middle of the lane.

A delightful friendly cat. His collar bore the name, “Sinatra”. Soon he got up and wandered off as to welcome others who might pass his way. After our encounter, I truly felt at home amongst the sea of Beaufort visitors. Thank you Sinatra!


  1. The cat is gorgeous and seems very friendly. Lovely encounter.

    1. Author

      She was gorgeous and very friendly.

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